Therapeutic Massage

Massage therapy is an activity that involves the systematic application of pressure at key points of the body along with stretching certain muscles. Sessions usually last 30 – 90 minutes. Many who have had this service say that there is no better way to achieve a sense of physical peace than a professional massage.

At Integrated Body Health, we have two great massage therapists waiting to help you. You can get a massage to help you relax or to help you with improving your circulation and getting rid of toxins that build up in your muscles. Therapeutic, deep tissue and structural work are their specialty. Our massage therapists have years of experience and can help you begin your colon cleansing process by helping your body relax for thirty minutes.

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Thai-Yoga

Using integrated techniques of trigger point therapy, reflexology, myo-fascial release, deep tissue massage & acupressure points, you will find deeper tension release, better pain relief, improved circulation, and general overall balanced systems of mind and body.


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30 Minute Massage Prior to Colon Hydrotherapy

A massage before your colon hydrotherapy session can help calm the autonomic nervous system with cranio-sacral therapy. The large intestines can be helped to relax and prepare to release when reflexology points are massaged prior to your session. Massage will also improve lymphatic and circulatory flow to the colon. Please call Ellie to schedule this.


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Craniosacral Therapy

CST is a non-invasive, deep releasing therapeutic treatment that works well by releasing the autonomic nervous system, thus inducing deep relaxation and releasing detrimental effects of past injuries or trauma now causing headaches, pain, insomnia, blurred vision, etc. Her clients with dyslexia and ADD symptoms have been helped by this therapy. One client had his vision rechecked and it had significantly improved. Four to five consistent treatments is usually needed. If you have been told “there is nothing we can do for you,” come see Ellie.


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Ellie O’Steen can be reached at 334-559-3969.
Anna Rickabaugh can be reached at 334-750-6522.