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What Is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is putting warm and filtered water into the colon to hydrate the large intestine and remove waste with no chemicals or drugs. The hydration with filtered and warm water softens and loosens the waste so it can leave the body thru the normal colon release process into a waste line. The process is odorless and comfortable while maintaining your modesty. You lay on a massage table, listen to music and smell diffused essential oils. An internal spa day!

Integrated Body Health brings the latest technology to the Opelika and Auburn areas so that you can experience closed system colon hydrotherapy with modern comforts and efficiency. I am certified with the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy. I am also a registered nurse who has learned to have a passion for helping people become healthier thru understanding and empowerment. It is a privilege to help you on your journey of being A Better You........Naturally!

Client Feedback

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Shanesia Winston

I love Mrs. Pauline. I have used her colon therapy at least 3 times and I will be back quarterly. Prior to visiting I used to struggle with bloating and lack of BM. I love her healing therapy. She was able to cleanse my colon from all that bad toxins I used to place in my body. I would recommend her services to anyone!!! She's the sweetest lady in the world. You cannot help but to love her. In addition, the THRIVE she recommended WORKS like a charm. My gut feels good and no more bloat. In the past I only had a bm once every 3-4 days. Now, it's every day!!!!! I love the product. And it's vegan.

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Alfred D.

Can't say anything but what a great experience! I was very nervous going into this experience, considering the personal nature of these services, but Mrs. Pauline was a gem. She explains the entire process from start to finish, is very knowledgeable about the entire realm of colonics. Coming to one of these appointments is already stressful enough, so the practitioner role is even more important. Mrs Pauline was a huge relief and a great person to have on your side through the entire procedure. My overall comfort level greatly improved immediately after the procedure. I highly recommend this facility!