About Our Therapist

A woman with short hair and glasses wearing a blue shirt.

Pauline Phillips

Pauline has been a registered nurse for twenty years with the last fifteen as a hospice nurse. She has seen the complications of constipation and the severe effects it has on the body. She developed a passion for illness prevention and developing a healthy lifestyle. As a colon hydrotherapist, she can now concentrate on helping people detoxify and regain better health. Due to her own personal and family health issues the last twenty years, she has learned about nutrition, disease prevention, allergies, better food choices and other beneficial therapies.

With colon hydrotherapy, Pauline has the opportunity to be involved in her clients’ health journey instead of their end of life journey. She is excited to be a colon hydro-therapist in the Auburn and Opelika, Alabama area. She can see the difference it makes in her life and the life of others. Her personal experience is that colon hydrotherapy helps her feel less sluggish, sleep better, think better and have more energy. She would consider it a privilege to help you in the same way, by maintaining a cleaner inside with healthy and complete elimination.

How Can Colon Hydrotherapy Help Me and My Family?

Every organ in the body eliminates its toxins through the colon or urinary tract. Colon hydrotherapy, or “colonics,” will cleanse the colon from accumulated waste, hydrate more of the colon due to the closed system technology, gently stimulate peristaltic action restoring normal tone to the colon and provide a feeling of well-being due to release of mucous, gases and irritating substances. The liver, gall bladder, spleen and pancreas lie next to the upper part of the colon. So if it is full, there can be pressure on them also. Colon water therapy can get the colon to function properly again with better absorption of nutrients and vitamins from our food or supplements. There is no disruption of normal colon flora or pH but it can help remove bad bacteria and yeast.

When To Consider Colon Therapy?

  • Constipation, constipation/diarrhea cycle or diarrhea
  • Pain: back, joints, muscles, arthritis and headaches
  • Irregular menses, PMS, depression, fatigue, insomnia, irritability
  • Skin conditions: acne, shingles, psoriasis, eczema
  • Bad breath, bloating, indigestion and gas

Who Else Can Benefit?

People with allergy issues, candida issues, frequent or international travel, wanting to jump-start weight loss or using long-term pain medications due to illness.