Frequently Asked Questions

Colon hydrotherapy is a restorative and painless therapy that is effective and relaxing. It is not a procedure but a therapy. The goal is to provide filtered, pure and warmed water into the body, in a spa environment with soft music and diffused essential oils. The client lies on a comfortable massage table. The therapist gently inserts a well lubricated small speculum into the rectum, while on their side, and then they roll onto their back. The speculum is smaller than a normal bowel movement. The speculum is attached to a soft hose that carries the water and waste out into a drain, so there is no odor. The slow flow of water flows in and then out, as is comfortable for the client.  As the waste softens and leaves the body, it makes room for the next part of the colon to fill with water; hydrating until all the waste is removed. This closed system requires a knowledgeable therapist that can easily coach the client thru the relaxing session. This gives opportunity for questions and education about the colon and health. It also allows the therapist to gently massage the abdomen, during the elimination part of the outflow cycle, to help the colon release effectively.  Many things affect our colon whether it is eating habits, elimination patterns, stress, emotions and/or hydration. In a trusting environment these things can be shared, as the client prefers, so that the therapist is aware and can understand their personal needs.