What Is It?

Colon Hydrotherapy is putting warm and filtered water into the colon to hydrate the large intestine and remove waste with no chemicals or drugs. The hydration with water softens and loosens the waste so it can leave the body thru a normal release process into a waste line. The process is odorless and comfortable while maintaining your modesty. The process of water in and waste out is done several times during a relaxed and private session with an I-ACT certified therapist who is there, at all times, to guide you. You lay on a massage table, listen to music and smell diffused essential oils. An internal spa day!

From Ancient to Modern

Cleansing the bowel is an ancient therapy, dating back some 5,000 years. Hippocrates, the famous Greek Doctor and the “Father of Medicine” in 400 B.C. left many writings behind referring to the various inventive ways of cleaning the intestines.

In the mid 1800’s, further advancements in technology inspired the development of “Colonic Machines.” In the 1900’s, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, (of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes) ran a health retreat where he treated thousands of people for a variety of ailments. During the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, colon cleansing devices introduced technology that drastically changed the modality. Instrumentation now included water pressure and temperature monitoring and control, where the water did not just run in an out but had a chance to linger in the colon for the purpose of hydration. Integrated Body Health brings the latest technology to the Opelika and Auburn areas.

At IBH, you will experience ancient traditions in a modern way with today's technology and updated modalities. It is now comfortable, private, safe and very effective so deep inside of you can be cleaner. We have a passion for clients to become healthier through understanding that empowers you to become A Better You.......Naturally. 

This brought about four significant developments: Modern Process

Now the process includes a small disposable speculum, a water line and a waste line. All single client use! So, with this new breed of instrumentation, modern professional colon hydro-therapy was born and the benefits are being recognized by people all over the globe.

A slow gentle administration of warmed and filtered water into the bowel was effective and able to cleanse the entire length of the large intestine all the way to the cecum.

Because low amounts of water were being introduced, balances within the bowel were much less likely to be disrupted.

Water was now able to gently enter the bowel and “seep” into the “nooks and crannies” allowing the water to soften and loosen hardened feces.

By changing the water temperature during the course of the session, they were now able to stimulate the muscles of the bowel itself, thus creating a toning effect, which eliminated the possibility of dependency like one can have with the use of enemas.

Why Do I Need Colon Hydrotherapy: Benefits

Our bodies have to deal with the Standard American Diet, inadequate hydration, GMO's, environmental toxins, work and relational stress, inadequate exercise, synthetic vitamins, prescription drugs and contaminated water supplies. What a list!
Due to these stresses on our body, our colon has become sluggish with waste that can easily have toxic effects on our bodies. To keep the colon cleansed, toned and restored it needs a little help!

A Fresh Start

Many clients report that colon hydrotherapy helps them start fresh on their new goals for eating better, exercising, weight loss or detoxifying their body. They know it is not a quick fix but a valuable tool in combination with good eating and exercise habits.

A Healthier Colon

Everything we eat has to be taken into the body for nutrition or it has to be eliminated. When you hydrate the colon the bowel eliminates the waste and works more efficiently. The source of many issues can be eliminated by getting rid of the waste and allowing our food to be better absorbed. Healthy means you can feel more energetic, restored and alive.

Good Bacteria Thrive

How can good bacteria thrive in the colon when the waste is stuck on the colon wall? When gut bacteria is out of balance not only is your digestion and feeling of well-being compromised, but so is your immune system that defends the body against sickness. With a clean colon the friendly bacteria can live and multiply so that the disease-causing bacteria can be kept in check. We also recommend “Thrive” probiotics as the most important supplement to take.

Prevent Toxin Build Up

Stagnation is prevented so that harmful agents and end products of digestion can be moved out of the body along with gas, toxic compounds, impurities, mucus and waste. The goal is a healthy and clean colon which should improve our overall health and increase our energy levels by getting rid of toxins. The organs outside of the large intestine that help us get rid of toxins are the liver, lungs and kidneys. When colon hydrotherapy flushes out the toxins, along with the waste in the bowel, our body detoxifies quicker than our organs would do alone. Also, when the colon is stagnant, the body stores these toxins as they aren’t getting out thru regular bowel movements.

Absorbing Nutrients

The bacteria in the cecum (first part of the colon by the small intestine) is responsible for the synthesis of vitamin K, most of the B vitamins and others as documented in research articles. The water soluble vitamins are absorbed by the colon. Since our body directly absorbs the nutrients and vitamins in the colon, it is important to keep our colons clean so all these life supporting processes can take place. If you spend money on whole food vitamins, you definitely don’t want to prevent their absorption with a stagnant colon.

What to Expect and Preparing for Your Visit

Before Your First Visit

You will need to complete our Client Questionnaire. Please print and fill out the client questionnaire before your appointment. Pay attention to your body as you prepare to fill out the form, as there might be some questions you have never thought of. Do not take any laxatives to get a “head start” as this will dehydrate your body.

Not required, but if you want to start the cleansing process you could eat only fish, seafood, vegetables and fruits for twenty-four hours before your appointment. That means no bread, dairy, cheese or grains. This will help your colon start to move and cleanse before you even get here. This will help you get your money's worth, which we all want in today’s economy. Note any questions or concerns you might have concerning your therapy. The more we communicate about your personal health goals, the better I can personalize things to guide you.

Day of Your Appointment

The following are suggestions to help you have the most comfortable and relaxing experience with colon hydrotherapy.

Bring your completed Client Questionnaire, any written down questions and a list of current medications with you.

Right when you wake up that morning, drink a full glass of water with a little lemon to wake up your colon. You can eat a meal two hours before your visit. Remember, veggies and fish and not rich, fried, spicy or heavy foods which could cause stomach upset. Try to drink a small 8 oz cup full of water every hour and try to do without that morning coffee, if you can. Your last water intake should be one hour before your visit. If you have low blood sugar issues, a plant-based protein shake two hours before might help. So, stop eating 2 hours before and stop drinking 1 hour before your appointment.

Heading back to work or home is fine. Most people feel great and have extra energy, but some people feel a little tired due to getting rid of toxins. So, hopefully you won't have to rush to and from your visit, by planning ahead. This could be a spa day for you and your internal organs.

Please be on time for your appointment, so that you get the full time of your session. When you make an appointment, please understand that time has been reserved for you because you will have held it with your credit card number. There is scheduled time before and after the session to talk about your progress toward meeting your health goals.

Before your first colon hydrotherapy session, the therapist will go over your Client Questionnaire and work through any questions you may have. Nutritional suggestions can be offered at this time, if desired. Nutritional intake and support is important to help aid in keeping your colon clean. The frequency and number of colon hydrotherapy sessions the therapist recommends for you will be based on your questionnaire and your body’s response to your first session. The therapist will track and review your progress with each session. All NEW CLIENTS can receive a 14% discount when they purchase the Mini-Cleanse on that day. You can use these sessions whenever you wish to.

Single Session

One colon hydrotherapy session with your therapist present, for one hour and 15 minutes.

We provide our military clients with a $10.00 discount.


Mini Cleanse

A course of three colon hydrotherapy sessions: Two days in a row and then one more within a week of the last session to help you detoxify and reboot your systems. $40.00 off if purchase on first visit.


(save 14 %)

Detox Cleanse Combo

Colon Hydrotherapy session followed by a vertical vibration plate session and an IonCleanse detox footbath session.


(save $15)

Please Call to Book Appointments (334) 734-2909

Note: To reserve an appointment a credit card will be kept in reserve. As such, appointments are considered confirmed when they are made. We prefer 48 hr notice, but require 24 hrs notice before the scheduled appointment time, should you need to reschedule. We will send an appointment confirmation request 48 hrs before, by email or text. Please confirm.  We will send a reminder by text and email 24 hrs in advance. It is our desire that you get the benefits from your appointment.