Nutritional Guidance

As a wellness center in the Auburn and Opelika Alabama area, we dedicate ourselves to providing quality advice for your health and diet through our expert nutrition consultations.

Are you tired of test results coming back fine but not feeling 100 percent? We help your body heal and restore itself naturally without the harm of pharmaceuticals. We can teach you to restore your body through food and helpful supplements for your colon. Food plays a major role in how we feel. So come and learn more about what food is best for you in order to live a stronger, happier and healthier life.

We will design a customized recommendation for you to make sure you are not just working on your fitness, but are prioritizing your wellness. If our bodies are out of balance with lack of water and the right foods, it can cause several negative side effects. So, if you are experiencing abdominal pain or fatigue it may be time to detox your body of harmful toxins through colon cleansing. Starting this process by letting us know you want some dietary changes will help you become a healthier person thru good nutritional practices.

Don’t get caught up in the inconsistent diet trends and weight loss fetishes. Here at Integrated Body Health, LLC in Opelika, AL we go beyond trends and work on our clients’ total wellness. Achieve optimal health through our wide variety of services including colon hydrotherapy, massage and nutritional guidance.