Nutritional/Lifestyle Coaching

As a wellness center in the Auburn and Opelika Alabama area, we dedicate ourselves to providing quality advice for your health and diet through our expert nutrition consultations.

Are you tired of test results coming back fine but not feeling 100 percent? We can help you to restore your body through food as it plays a major role in how we feel. So come and learn more about what food is best for you in order to live a stronger, happier and healthier life.

Solid nutritional information and suggestions will be given to keep you on track. We ask you to keep a food log and bring to your appointment. We will cover lifestyle topics of nutrition, hydration, detoxification, rest, faith, exercise/oxygen and sunshine/outdoors so you can take advantage of all that nature freely provides for our health. There are natural biological laws of our body that will help you understand how the body works. We come at these topics from a naturopathic perspective where the body heals itself and right living is the best prevention. Implementing lifestyle changes provides the body with the needed energy to heal. We are in the Opelika/Auburn area of greater Lee County so call for your Nutritional Consultation today at 334-734-2909.


     Nutritional Consultation

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